Jan 29

On the first full day of our 5th annual "once-in-a-lifetime" ski trip, we started our day in Missoula Montana.  We didn't manage to get away as early as I wanted on Friday afternoon and as a result it was almost 1:00 AM by the time we got checked into our motel.  With almost 35 years of being married to Becky I knew that an early start was out of the question.  we had a liesurly breakfast and headed for out first ski destination about 10:00 AM.  First ski stop was Discovery Ski Area outside Philipsburg MT.  Discovery has 7 lifts a peak elevation of just over 8000 feet and about 700 acres of terrain.  It has snow quite a bit in the previous week and the temperatures were in the low to mid 20's all day long.  

The skiing was wonderful.  The snow on the groomers carved beautifuly and the off piste terrain had some great pitches and easy turning snow.  it being a Saturday we did have to wait in lift lines of 15 - 20 people a couple of times. 

It is always interesting to see how different places evaluate the difficulty of their runs.  We have skied at some places where the black diamond runs would just barely be blue squares at Crystal Mountain.  Discovery did not overinflate the difficulty of the runs.  Double blacks had nice pitches and interesting terrain features that would be challenging to most people.  There is a lot of variation in their blue runs, some were legitimate others, I thought, should have been beginner runs.

We left Discovery and headed for the house we rented in Driggs, ID.  We took a round about path going through West Yellowstone and Island Park.  I find it enjoyable to drive through mountainous terrain on this annual trip.  I really contributes to the feeling of a winter vacation.

When we got to Driggs I was pleased to find that I could put Rover in the garage without taking the Yakima Skybox off the top of the car.  The house has great views of The Grand Teton and is currently surrounded by about a foot of snow.

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